The Society encourages its members to maintain a high level of competence and adhere to the highest ethical standards. In support of this goal the Society has adopted the following Code of Ethics:

    1. Members of the Society shall adhere to the highest of ethical standards in their dealings with the public and other professionals both within and outside of the industry. This includes, but is not limited to, claim professionals, physicians, attorneys, insureds, claimants and experts.
    2. Members of the Society shall conduct themselves in such a manner as to command respect and confidence and shall approach claim investigations and evaluations with an unprejudiced and open mind.
    3. Members of the Society shall make truthful and unbiased reports of the facts and shall maintain a standard of fairness and integrity in all their professional duties
    4. Members of the Society shall remain current on the laws and regulations affecting their professional responsibilities by attending such classes, seminars and training as necessary
    5. Members of the Society shall not injure the reputation or professional practice of colleagues.